About GC

GC Media Arts is an individualized web consulting service and professional brand run by Greg Johnson. He started GC on February 6, 2007 hoping to broadcast digital arts over the Internet. What initially started as personal portraits and collages for friends and family turned into various multimedia pieces for local-based clients.

In addition to creating videos and music, Johnson started using YouTube to broadcast retro logo animations as ‘gman1290’ starting on June 29, 2007. The GC website made its debut online in August 2009 to showcase examples of various pieces of artwork and others not shown on social media sites.

GC has also provided other media talents with digital music compositions. The GC abbreviation formerly stood for Graphic Communications. It was initially named G-Man Corporation (G-Man Corp. for short) until the summer of 2008 when the name GC Entertainment was first used as a secondary name. It was finally used as the primary name starting in June 2009. In June 2013, GC Entertainment was changed to GC Media Arts.

As of March 2018, the initials, GC, officially stands for “Greg Central” as a play-on words reference to ‘Grand Central’ Terminal based in New York City and using the GC Media Arts founder’s first name.

As of today, GC Media Arts continues to provide consulting advice on digital multimedia needs to local and regional clients, in addition to strong acknowledgment through the use of YouTube with hundreds of subscribers and millions of video views from around the world. The use of other social media sites such as Twitter will continue to provide instant information on news and updates. GC Media Arts does not own any of the logos seen in the videos, nor some of the brand logos and products in the galleries, except its own. All rights are given to the respected companies, current and former, and the men and women who have provided such work, past and present.