gman1290 By The Numbers (2017 in Review)

The gman1290 channel on YouTube had a record-setting 2017 in video views and watch time, in addition to milestones that were set just as the year ended. To summarize some of the totals from this year, the following is in comparison to the previous calendar year:

Yearly Video Views: up 12% from 2016

Watch Time (minutes): up 7% from 2016

Subscribers: up 27% from 2016

Shares: up 19% from 2016

Videos in Playlists: down 6% from 2016

The milestones of 8,000 total subscribers and 30 million all-time video views were set in December as the year came to a close. Part of the contributing reason to the numbers increase came specifically from the weekend following the Thanksgiving holiday. Parts of April and May saw sharp increases in viewership as well.

As always, there are many thanks to the gman1290 audience for continuing the support of the works.

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