GC/gman1290 By The Numbers [2018 in Review]

GC and gman1290 both had an interesting year by the numbers. Overall, the GC website and the gman1290 YouTube page both saw record gains in viewership as well as retainment.

For gman1290, it was yet another record year in total video views for the calendar year. Video views rose 22.13% from the previous year, and minutes watched went up 8.87%. Subscribers also rose 107% from 2017. Most of the popular videos watched came from previous years’ postings. Suggested videos amounted to 60.3% of all traffic sources while Google searches led the way with 69.9% of external sources. The majority of all viewers (based on watch time) came from the United States leading the way with 57.3%, followed by the United Kingdom at 5.3%.

As for the GC website, total users rose 12.19%, unique users rose 11.85% and total sessions up 4.07%. Most of the unique users hail from the United States followed by Brazil and South Korea. While direct users went down 18.03%, referrals did go up 255.71%.

Overall, GC and gman1290 both made substantial gains in bringing in new traffic that continue to help the popularity of its digital production side. There is much hope that 2019 will provide even greater results just as 2018 did.

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