GC/gman1290 By The Numbers [2019 in Review]

Another record year was set yet again for gman1290 on YouTube. The GC Media Arts website also produced favorable results of web traffic from the previous year.

For gman1290, 2019 marks the 3rd straight year of record video viewership as well as watch time. Video views went up roughly 2% from the 2018 year. Watch time went up 1.01%. Subscribers gained went up and videos in playlists went up over 87%. Suggested videos accounted for 43% leading all traffic sources. The United States topped the list of countries with 57%, followed by the United Kingdom at 5.8% and Brazil at 3.6%.

With the GC website, total users dropped 8.15% and unique users dropped 7.48%. Total sessions did rise 8.83% and the United States led the way of total users by country accounting for a 68.25% increase compared to the 2018 year.

The GC website and gman1290 channel on YouTube has had mostly positive results in 2019. As always, there is hope that the numbers can continue to stay on the positive side for the 2020 calendar year.

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