gman1290 on YouTube By The Numbers [2020 in Review]

2020 certainly was not the year anyone could have expected, but gman1290 still continued to produce yet another record-setting year on the YouTube platform. An unexpected rise in viewership and watch time occurred as more subscribers filed in.

When it comes to video viewership, there was an increase of 44.99% from the 2019 calendar year. This marks the fourth consecutive year of record-smashing total video views. As for watch time, there was a record-increase with about a rise of 12.99% from the 2019 year.

Suggested videos came out as the leading traffic source representing about 46.2% of all viewed content. It also represented 40.4% of watch time. The locations of most viewers came from the United States representing more than half worldwide at about 51.7% with the United Kingdom in second with 5% and Brazil in third with 3.4%.

Due to the pandemic and most people staying at home for much of the 2020 year, the rise in viewership mainly occurred in the months between March to September with the highest daily average higher than any stretch on record. The highest age demographic in 2020 were those between 35-44 years old representing 33.2% of all ages.

Overall, gman1290 on YouTube had one of the best years ever and there is continued promise of more success for the upcoming 2021 year.

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