gman1290 on YouTube

Since 2007, GC started re-creating retro logo animations on the popular website, YouTube, based off of past TV and movie production ID’s. They were part of remakes and parodies that has caught underground popularity around the world.

It originally started out as a simple remake of PBS logos. Then, more ideas came about, and over time, hundreds of subscribers were interested and millions of views have been reached ever since. The gman1290 page has been the place for remade logos and extended themes in high definition format.

In December 2009, a new channel was created originally as ‘GCInsight.’ It was a sister profile complimentary to gman1290. It later became ‘GC Multimedia’ and in August 2018, ‘gman1290 2.’ This channel has since been discontinued and all videos from that channel was moved to the main gman1290 channel.

gman1290 is a subsidiary of GC Media Arts.

You can watch the videos on the classic gman1290 page here.