The new Nexus 4 by LG has been released, and it seems to be a very promising phone. There are a few things that would have been nice to see in it. LTE is definitely the major problem. And we wouldn't have mind if a microSD expansion was added as well. Still, the Google-powered phone has a lot of potential to be the top phone of choice for those interested in an unlocked phone. Read the rundown for more.


RIM is doing everything they can to prevent Blackberry from becoming extent. We might think it could be too little, too late as Blackberry 10 rolls near. With a lot of uncertainty in its future, can RIM bring Blackberry back to relevance?

Windows Phone

Microsoft is trying to step their game up with the all new Windows Phone 8 OS. It seems that they're finally getting it right with brand new HTC and Nokia phones now available to compete against the likes of Android and iOS. The question is, will it be naughty or nice by the end of this holiday season?